Blank Canvas: Grand Opening (Recap)

After months of preparation, long nights of tearing down walls, and plenty of support from the community, Omit Limitation’s Blank Canvas Gallery is now open for business!

The opening day saw many faces, old and new, pouring in to celebrate the next big step for the collective. The walls are covered in art, featuring the different styles of Fucci, Hatecopy, Dahae Song, and Kare, accompanied by DJs Bambii and Gimmemar on the decks, providing dope beats to add to the hype.


The grand opening wasn’t just taking place on its inaugural night, however – in between daily visits to the gallery, there were some celebratory showcase events to help break us into the creative Dundas West scene. The first creative showcase was the return of the ever-popular Alley series – this time around, named Alley Redux. The night sees a live performance from electronic producer Anzola, along with Mez Mariyé, JOHN, Libsyd Read, Bay Richards, and Renee, which were preceded by an open mic for anyone wishing to let their voices flourish.


Art is not only limited to visual and audible expression, however – the event, Dead Poet, bring out expression in words, which saw a lot of emotion being poured out in its open mic – from poems about lost love, to prose about the current state of society, to a simple haiku about love and war.

Following the Open Mic, the night was filled with performances by the likes of Eyeda, Tobi Ogude, and Lancelot Bucknor, to name a few. Like the Alley Redux, the night was filled with vibes by Dj Abscvnd, providing some chill beats for the crowd to mingle over and relax to.


A huge thank you to each and every single person who helped make this big idea become an even bigger reality, whether through the Indiegogo campaign, building furniture for the space, or the arduous tear-down/clean-up process.

Mad respect to Gigi, rightfully nicknamed “OGG”, for providing chicken nuggets for everybody to feast on during the events.

Blank Canvas has only started painting with its true colours, and we invite you to come and get messy with us!

Our next event is BLEND on May 12 a night where we blend music, art, colours and vibes at the Blank Canvas Gallery.


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