Watch River Tiber’s “West” Feat. Daniel Caeser

Unwind to this chill track by River Tiber featuring Daniel Caeser “West” that  will leave you lost in a trance from their harmonies .

River Tiber, (Tommy Paxton-Beesley), the 24-year old Toronto artist has collaborated with a bunch of top artists such as Drake and BADBADNOTGOOD. He has been not only making music for years , but has studied it his whole life, and not only sings, but makes beats as well as a producer. Daniel Caeser, also an artist based in Toronto, got his talent of singing from him participating in the choir when he was younger, with music always being a big part of his life as well.

If you’ve heard Mac Miller’s recent album, GO:OOD AM, the track “ROS” has the same beat in it, and when you listen to this you’ll get a similar vibe off of it, that’s because Thomas Beesley was one of the writers for the track. River Tiber isn’t one for being literal when he writes, but makes the listener feel more about the way he sings, because he wants to evoke feelings instead of having a literal story to tell.

Sometimes the way you tell a story doesn’t do justice, but the way you feel about the track is similar, and this track will make you feel.. period, especially with Daniel Caeser’s soulful singing in the track. Both artists have made their way into creating music into a career, but not for some reasons others do, but because it’s what they want to do, it makes them happy.

Vibe out below.

Words by: Daniela Campos
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.


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