Watch Clairmont the Second’s- “A Declaration”

Clairmont the Second, Toronto rapper, has just recently come out with another music video, “A Declaration”, but this time he has created something new, more dark and unorthodox compared to what he has put out before.

He gets creative in his music video that’s co-directed by Jorden Lee and Clairmont the Second himself as well as stating “Quest for Milk and Honey” at the end of the video, this track being one on a new project coming out soon perhaps.

The video is almost like a short film due to it beginning off as him and his homies riding and then all of a sudden they are at a road closed sign and Clairmont and his homies get shot at. He then wakes up, spits blood and stands up proceeding to rap when the beat switching up, spitting bars such as “I got the Juice like I threw Pac off the roof”.

He goes in on this track, and it’s overall really dope due to the fact that he was more experimental with it and succeeded.

See the full video for “A Declaration” below.




Words by: Daniela
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.






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