CAN I KICK IT? with SoTeeOh

Sneaker week is about to kick off at Blank Canvas gallery, and to celebrate we’re bringing you sneaker stories from the artists of Can I Kick It, in their own words. Here, we talk to photographer SoTeeOh.

SOTeeOh 1
c/o SoTeeOh


My name is Soteeoh , and I am… an artist.

I first fell in love with sneakers when… I think it was probably Dee Brown in the 91 dunk contest with the Pumps… I wanted Pumps sooo bad after that. My mom never got them for me though lol but that’s definitely what set it off.

The brand you’re most loyal to? It use to be Nike when I was a kid, but Adidas came up
so I couldn’t say I’m most loyal to one. I just respect good design.

My first pair of kicks were… these crazy black and pink Reeboks with a double tongue.
I don’t remember what they were called but I was 8 and to me they were fresh AF.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done for a pair of sneakers is… I’ve never lined up or anything, but in high school we used to skip school and drive down to Buffalo on release dates to make sure we’d get certain releases.

Crown jewel of your collection? Probably my Jordan Concorde 11’s from 2001.

The best pair of kicks I ever missed out on were… I actually had to get rid of a lot of shoes when I was moving around a lot a couple of years ago… I got rid of some original Reebok questions. I def wish I could have those back.

Next pair you plan on copping?  Boost 750s

Your favourite place to buy kicks in Toronto? My computer lol.

If you scuffed my sneakers, I’d… ask you to buy me another drink.



SOTeeOh 3
c/o SoTeeOh
SOTeeOh 2
c/o SoTeeOh

SoTeeOh is a featured artist in the “Can I Kick It” exhibition at Blank Canvas Gallery (1544 Bloor Street W., Toronto, ON) from Thursday June 16th to Saturday, June 25th.

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