Chelsea Reject Plays Toronto For The First Time for Can I Live Foundation



This Friday, Can I Live alongside Omit limitation have the privilege of hosting Chelsea Reject all the way from Brooklyn, New York. She is set to perform her rap serenades at the intimate setting of Regent Social on 555 Dundas St. East, and for a great cause. The money collected from this event will be helping out a 23 year old cancer patient, to help with the medical costs of his bone marrow treatment. He was told when he was diagnosed at the age of 19 that he only had 8 months left to live, yet he will celebrate his 23rd birthday next month. This event is good vibes and goes to show that anything is possible, and support is everything. Chelsea Reject has been performing shows to help out such causes. She recently did one in support for Lupus disease and is continuing to perform her music to help others one event at a time. This will be her first show in Toronto, and she is excited to help make a difference. If you like hip-hop music, there will be her along with Erik Flowchild, Sydanie, Beauge and Scott Ramirez, so if you want to help make a different in the world too, come reach this Friday. In the meantime, vibe out to some of her videos that she’s put out, or get familiar with her until the show this weekend.


Words by: Daniela
Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.


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