5 Sirens Songs to Help You Say Farewell to Summer


The days of kick-flips and ollies, of boozy nudist pool hops, of fingerlicking bbq’s at Cold Tea, of “hey-watch-me-stick-this-pack-of-smokes-to-my-forehead” humidity are almost behind us. Wave a sticky popsicle-drenched hand goodbye to the season Toronto does best, but do it with these baby angel’s voices as a chariot to carry you gently away.

This city may have a ton of talented male artists who are emerging at a rapid pace, but let me introduce you to a few female artists that will get you high and keep you lifted.

I DONT CARE- Prince Innocence

This hazy song is a synthpop dream. Starting off mellow and with enough apathy to put Daria to shame, the song picks up around the hook into a dancier mood and yet we are dancing to the lyrics“I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t really care”. If there was ever a track to assist with your denial about the disappearance of long sunny days, this is the one.

LATE AT NIGHT- k r i s

Young rapstress k r i s lays out all the imagery of summer nights in the six beautifully on this track. Yes, people are gorgeous in the summer. Yes, the fuckery is at an all time (unapologetic) high. And yes, we are going to miss it all very, very much. Watch this music video and sigh heavily at the twinkling CNE carousels, copious amounts of cannabis and cotton candy colour schemes. Or just rap along with the boss bitch on one of your last Short Skirt and Bikini Top Bike Rides of the season with your ladies.

FIND YOU- Charlotte Day Wilson

Heart-wrenching and yet uplifting, Find You, by Charlotte Day Wilson is the song you play at 5am on a rooftop, watching the sun rise while taking swigs off someones two six of Jameson. As the haze of summer romances and vacations fade, a clarity that comes with distance begins to settle and the lyrics “now that I can see, I can find you” ring true as a nostalgic mantra to growth and progression.

DOPE BABY- lemon.

With the tenderness of goodbyes and sullen realizations, lemon takes us on a journey with this sad girl pop song. She’s teaching a lesson on the fickle nature of life and the constant work that needs to be put into maintaining inner happiness. We can take this little gemstone of advice with us into fall- keeping our chins up high and our lips curled up even higher.

I CANT WAIT- a l l i e & Birthday Boy

a l l i e teams up with Birthday Boy on this electro r&b single, a conversation between two lovers takes place and you can’t help but reminisce to times of personal love and longing. The hook says it all, and with that, we can say our final goodbyes to summer sixteen.

“Take my mind into a better place, take my problems, make them go away now, take your time and baby don’t be late, i can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait.”

Words & photography by Nikki Bagheri

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