Breaking the Fourth Wall

image c/o Fox Searchlight Pictures


You. Yes, you.

You are no longer a passive consumer. I’m letting you know that you have a choice to continue. And whatever you experience is YOUR full responsibility.

The goal of this writing isn’t to appease some sort of “norm.” In fact, it is designed to speak to you.(Below your logical-trying-to-survive mind). We get it. Hungover. Tired. Looking for more stimulus. Simplicity is no longer valued, nor is minimalism prestiged. But, WHY?

Because it is in this that we must encounter ONE another, and ourSELVES. Take away the music. The cool clothes. The social currency. We exist in a social flux, situated contextually and briefly in a fleeting moment. Hence, the “importance” of social media to prove to ourselves and others that we are in fact having experiences.

How sad.

Did that strike a chord? Good, you still have hope.

What is the alternative? Haha, well this isn’t a magic pill. People who seek out the experience they want- will find it. How hard, and deep are you willing to look? To penetrate the veil of appearances and to come out with even a seed of truth.

What have you learned about yourself tonight? Or have you repeated immersion in the same substances, with the same people, the same environment- hoping for something new to happen. Only left to be half-awake stuck emotionally repeating our wounds.

I ain’t here to heal ya. Not my job. But I will point to people who have decided to orient themselves within their internal compass.

I aim to connect and sustain. Simple. Yet increasingly and deceptively difficult. WHY? Because our bullshit meter to the mental mastubators have become nullified.

This isn’t a rant. This energy is a result of the transgression and imposition of forms onto our consciousness. It is a stand in reclaiming our agency within these burgeoning arts and performing communities who live off validation.

F*ck your validation. I don’t want any of it. I want creation. Connection. Vulnerability.

If you’re strong enough to hang. I dare you to continue. You may just like who meet on the other side.


Words by Austin Sauco

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