Listen to Seth Dyer’s “Together”

If you can relate to having a hard work ethic and doing it for the love of the music/culture —and remaining humble, even while getting love and recognition—you should vibe out to Seth Dyer’s new track “Together”. It’s a perfect example of making moves on the low and accomplishing a lot—yet knowing that you’re just getting started, so you gotta keep your cool.

Toronto based rapper and producer Seth Dyer has been releasing new tracks weekly, with “Together” being his second release.  This cut represents his balance between the drive he has for creating music, versus staying true to who he is. Dyer chronicles his progress on the path to success and what it takes to keep his personal life from falling apart — whether it be the bills he has to pay, or his difficulties balancing relationships.

Seth Dyer wants himself and those around him to be on a distinct path to success, and he’s just trying to keep everything “Together”.

“Together” is produced and mixed by Seth Dyer, mastered by Mike Smith, and is now available for streaming on Soundcloud. 


Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.


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