Things Toronto Scene Guys Love Doing

Love them or hate them, Toronto “Scene Guys” are very much embedded into the city’s youth culture, and totally unavoidable if you ever venture out into any (worthwhile) semblance of Toronto nightlife. No one really knows what makes a scene guy, well, “scene”, but anybody can spot one immediately by their ‘fit and their all-consuming (for lack of a better word) ~v~i~b~e~s~. To give you a better picture, here are some things about them that over the past year or two I’ve managed to learn in the field, so enjoy and remember, no shade. :~)

A comprehensive list of Toronto Scene Guy habits include:

  • Drinking Hennessy
  • Dissing Drake and then remembering he’s their sole hope for international relevancy
  • Sitting on top of booths instead of actually being on the dance floor


  • Pioneering new hand signs
  • Buying sunglasses
  • Snapchatting money


  • Hosting after-parties,
  • Regretting hosting after-parties.


  • Choosing the RIGHT emojis for the mood
  • Uber.


  • Adding grain to digital photos
  • Layering brands


  • (Basically… being really, really elite.)


  • Starting movements
  • Making some pretty dope music
  • Ensuring Toronto is a vibrant and memorable place to be as long as you keep your mind, heart (and liver) open to its quirks. :~)

Illustrations and words by Bianca Weeko Martin (@badgyalbibi).

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