Native Other draws us in with their latest, “Palms”.


Recently, I had the good fortune of adding a new, very promising prospect to my list of musicians-to-watch. This came with my discovery of the 4 piece dream pop band, Native Other, from Oshawa, Ontario. Now, I say dream pop. You could call it indie pop, electro noise-pop, indie ambient pop, or modern-shoegaze-experimental-whatever, but it’s just a beautifully constructed song.

Tons of atmosphere; every strum of the guitar reaches its wavering voice towards you, every lyric of longing trembles as it swims away from you into the sea of reverb— crashing the party you’re still at and it’s 6am.

Go to bed.

But you can’t because you’ve just met the Clementine to your Joel and you’re not deciding words like they’re a choice but rather you’re reacting to each other on a continuous loop and it’s summer

and you’re sweating

and it’s all so so good.

Listening, you’re lifted on the silky back of Curtis’s (guitar/vocals) falsetto and placed into the story of that first encounter between two future lovers. That spark, that tingle of something new with the inkling—premonition even—of those sparks igniting into tall flame. These sentiments are mirrored in the bouncy, yet slightly raw and gritty, up-tempo instrumentals while Curtis sings:

I found beauty

in a foreign place

and felt your embrace

before I traced your skin

you drew me-

you drew me in

I got a chance to chat with the bassist, Shawn, and bug him about some stuff via Facebook menacings *smirking devil emoji*.

As we chatted, I compared the band’s vibe to Animal Collective, which Shawn responded to in a pleasantly surprised manner as one of his favorite bands in high school. Noticing the band’s album artwork was by local artist, Fucci, I inquired to see if Native Other would be playing a live set here anytime soon. Mark your calendars kids: on November 11th, the boys will give you a Remembrance Day you’ll have trouble forgetting at the Bovine Sex Club. By then their debut EP will have been out for just over a month, and you’ll have had time to marinate in it.

14424204_10154578796225909_438176459_o     14438930_962471530565139_1534256315_o
Here’s a cute picture of Shawn and I big upping one another via selfie. Cheers!




Look out for Native Other’s EP “If I Can Keep It Together”, set for release October 7th, 2016.

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