in/future: A transformative experience

Ontario Place is currently undergoing a revamping, which is keeping the grounds “closed” until further notice. While that is supposedly occurring, the iconic park has been used for many large-scale events, such as Digital Dreams and Chance the Rapper‘s recent concert.

However, unlike most other events held there, there’s one which gives its patrons the chance to explore the whole grounds and experience what it once was, back in its full operational glory. In/Future, a music & arts festival, made its way over to the once-popular amusement park from September 15th-25th — the last of this year’s festivals rolling out, as the cold weather starts slowly creeping in.

The festival features over 50 different works of art by critically-acclaimed Canadian artists, including filmmaker/visual artist David Clark, Afro-Cuban trio Organiko Band, and Michael Louis Johnson and his 9-horn-one-drummer ensemble, rambunctious. There’s were even screenings in the IMAX Cinesphere, including a special showing of Canada’s first ever IMAX short film, North of Superior.


The festival itself felt like a nice precedent to get hyped for a quickly-approaching Nuit Blanche, with less than a week between both events. Each has the ability to capture a certain magic that seems to be brought about once the sun goes down, both musically and visually.


At the end of the festival, one of Marcia Huyer‘s pieces for her project, Psssttthhffff, met an unfortunate demise—yet still manages to capture an essence of magic, turning whatever it touches into gold—or in this case, a very illustrious silver.


Check out snippets of the festival below, and catch in/future on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured image and photo gallery pictures c/o In/Future.

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