OL Sound Selections: Songs To Procrastinate To

Mid-terms have either started (or they’re right around the corner) and here you are on some dope ass blog, using your time way more effectively than studying. Don’t worry, we got you. Allow us to help you escape the everlasting grind that is mainstream education by letting you bask in the bitter-sweetness that is procrastination, if for only a few minutes. So open your Facebook tabs and start stalking your best friends / ex / new ting(s) to the sounds we’ve curated, just for you.

LIL WAYNE – Jazz Cartier

False Gods – C.H.E.T WUNDA

The Road – Clairmont The Second

Seventeen – Tika (Feat. Sydanie & Tamera Russell)

Streetcar – Daniel Ceaser


Phase Two: Back to reality. Hit the books to some soft, soulful instrumental vibes that are guaranteed to zone you right out of your distractions and into your textbooks.

Chompy’s Paradise – BADBADNOTGOOD

Hilarity Duff – Kaytranada

Counting Stars – Nujabes

Summer Knights – Missing Hito

On Your Own – Charlotte Day Wilson


School can weigh us down with a shit-tonne of deadlines, essays and group projects, but what challenge on the path of personal growth isn’t accompanied by a few growing pains? With that, I wish you with a good luck and hope these songs can help make the journey a little less strenuous.

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