at Nuit Blanche


After endless walking and Uber-ing everywhere for Toronto’s contemporary art event Nuit Blanche, I found myself at my last stop around 2AM: The Bata Shoe Museum. This being my first time attending Nuit Blanche, it was exhilarating to see the installations on display both inside and outside the Museum, as I stood on the corner of Bloor and St. George taking in the view. One in particular that caught my attention was “Cushion” — a project that seeks to provide a cushioned ‘media-womb’, where visitors could reflect in isolation and comfort.


Curated by research design collective F_RMlab, the project is collaboration between students from University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture, the University of Toronto Faculty of Engineering, and OCAD University. I was told about the installation by Omit Limitation’s very own Bianca Weeko Martin, one of the artists who collaborated on the piece. The installation served as the main museum entrance for the evening, with many gathered to roam among an uproar of stimulation: imagery, noise, movement and smell.


These huddled volumes react to your presence in a dialogue of the senses. They can respond to changes in light from your shadow, pressure from your touch, or the sound of your voice as you move between them. “Find a moment of pause from the overwhelming speed of information outside. Allow your thoughts to wander amidst these shifting expressions of light and air.”


The team members that made it all happen:

Kate Brownlie, Laura Di Fiore, Josephine Guan, Tony Kogan, Michelle Lin, Joshua Macdonald, Bianca Weeko Martin, Julia Nakanishi, Thomas Noussis, Nicole Rak, Severyn Romanskyy, Zach Ropel-Morski, Ali Sermol, Emerson Vargas, Nino Felix Yang.

All images courtesy of Leo Liu, words by Jennifer Mangroo

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