The Ultimate Newbie’s Guide to Scarborough

The east-end district of Scarborough has a pretty confusing reputation, to say the least. To foreigners, the name might elicit fear or intrigue; perhaps a “Wait, didn’t Drake grow up there?!” (No, he just pretends.) Ask a Scarborough native and you’ll find that under that first layer of self pity, there’s always a true sense of pride over its multiculturalism and grit.

Personally, Scarborough was all I ever knew until high school. And although it kind of sucks having to split that $40 Uber ride home from the club, throughout my sixteen years of exploring its many ends I’ve managed to truly scout out the “cultural landmarks” that make Scarborough the place I’m proud to say I grew up in. So next time a downtown snob gives you a case of that suburban condescension, just forward them to this illustrated guide and remember how privileged you are to know the SPOTS (…fam) ((still)).

A comprehensive list of Scarborough “spots” includes:

  • Scarborough Town Centre (on a Friday)



  • Morningside Theatre (on a Tuesday)


  • Markham Station (after a basement jam)


  • Guildwood Park


  • The haunted bridge at Old Finch


  • Habibiz


  • The Bluffs


  • Ellesmere Skatepark


In addition to painting a more colourful and well-informed picture of Scarborough, I hope that this guide serves well in your explorations of this true gem of a Toronto suburb. Please note: Travelling past Neilson Road late at night is not advised unless you are a true roadman (just kidding, where else can you go to buy beef patties with a TTC ticket?)

Words and illustrations by Bianca Weeko Martin (@badgyalbibi).

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