[WATCH] “No Favors” – Clairmont The Second

Fresh off touring with SonReal, Clairmont The Second drops the self-directed visual to ‘No Favors’; a cut from his most recent LP Quest For Milk & Honey. The video showcases Clairmont’s usual fun-loving goofball aesthetic with a bright and flamboyant colour scheme, in both the lighting and choice of outfit.

The signature WFTKR dad-hat and the ever-so exclusive shirt with his face in full colour is seen in full effect, while trapped in a room—which I believe represents his creative space, independence, and the demand of self-worth expressed in the song. The light up kicks hanging off a wire near the ceiling is on point, and I definitely am in dire need of that pile of TTC metro passes. Check out the west-end prodigy below and stop sleeping!

Clairmont The Second always brings a refreshing vibe with his self produced tracks, this time with sort of a jazz influence that can be felt a bit more towards the end and throughout the actual LP, and also the self directed visuals really tend to bring you into his positive and youthful mindstate.

Quest For Milk & Honey Below available for stream via Soundcloud: 



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