TiK▲ Teams Up with Clairmont The Second for “OHMYGOD”


TiK▲ has just released her newest single “OHMYGOD” featuring upcoming rapper Clairmont the Second, and production from Harrison. These members of Toronto’s new school collaborate to create a track that touches on themes of spirituality; reminding the listener of an old-school 80s gospel-soul track. Not only do you not have to be religious to enjoy the vibes of this track, you don’t necessarily have to be a huge fan of soul music either—although you do have to appreciate the gospel that TiK▲ shares with you; it’s a very uplifting track that you can feel through the speakers.


TiK▲’s voice will lure you all the way through to Clairmont’s verse, which speaks on being blessed, being on tour with his family, and how certain people get praised that shouldn’t. They both grew up in a church, but believe that the church doesn’t have to be limited by the building itself that—their relationship with God is far more than that (a sentiment which many other share, including myself.)

The tracks ends with both artists saying “Amen” as if the track itself is a prayer, and reflecting on their words. If you listen closely to the message each of these artists are trying to convey, we guarantee you’ll be inspired and drift away to this track. Allow the music to wash over you, and nourish your soul with love and light.

Catch TiK▲ performing live on Wednesday, November 2nd at The Drake Hotel in Toronto, and on her Canadian/European tour in early 2017.

TiK‘s “OHMYGOD” ft. Clairmont the Second is now available for streaming on Soundcloud. 


Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.



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