Watch Kendrick’s “Untitled 02” – Choreographed by Lamar Johnson


Photo courtesy of Alexander Shabazz

Scarborough native and self taught dancer Lamar Johnson‘s self-directed choreography visuals showcase an expressive approach to Kendrick Lamar’s “Untitled 02”, produced in collaboration with CYCLE.

Set against a desolate warehouse landscape, Johnson’s masterful blend of lyrical and hip-hop choreography is entrancing—while the visuals’ bare bones colour scheme and dynamic cinematography stay true to the minimal but dramatic nature of “Untitled 02”. By placing himself in an empty warehouse, Johnson allows himself the space and unbridled freedom to be as unapologetically raw and aggressive as the instrumental marching in the background. Dramatic jump-cuts and beautifully framed wide shots showcase the warehouse itself, a haunting space almost as impressive as Lamar’s dancing.

Lamar, who started dancing at the age of 9, has a quite impressive range of accolades—from landing his first gig in Honey (starring Jessica Alba) to performing at the Apollo Theatre in New York. Check out Johnson’s “Untitled 02″choreography below.

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