Jimmyfromeastyork Releases 3 Bonus Tracks from “One for All All for Yitty”

It’s been over a month since Jimmyfromeastyork dropped his most recent EP “One for All All for Yitty”—in case you missed out on that, it’s something you’ll want to hear. Since JimmyYitty is constantly making moves and proving his worth as an artist in the city, it’s only natural he’d find a way to up the ante: in this case, that means releasing three bonus tracks. They’re available for streaming on his Soundcloud.

Jimmy proved that he was serious about the bars and content in his sound with his EP, but for the three bonus tracks, he gives us a taste of some features. He dropped two new freestyles, and a track called “Yitty Trill”easily a strong track for his movement. He’s a bit boastful on this track: not necessarily a bad thing, if you’re speaking the truth. Jimmy speaks to a movement: “This is the movement, get wit it or move” or stating “YittyTrill all my life, I do this for squad , man I do this for me, I do this for yall, I am not lying cause that is a trait of a broad, a snake and a fraud, but I’m YittyGod”. He might seem cocky in this track, Jimmy’s only telling you how it is—there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments.

“Well with Yitty Trill, that song was made re-made by Dally J . Originally it was me & Smooth (who is also from East York) on a Dj Smokey beat. It was to go on Nu Xanada project. I ended up sending vocals to the Dally & he made a beat around. Dally J is also from East York, so us 3 with the title of he don’t was definitely mad Yitty Mighty Yitty freestyle is a lost freestyle type track that featured my homie Avi, who is from East York. The producer Truth worked with me heavily when I first started up. He (in the long run) hooked me up with a meet and greet with Universal head A&R. The last track is produced by MS, who is also producing my next project coming out in 2017. This song features Avi (again) and also Feln. Who are both from East York (East Yitty) so once again mad Yitty.” 

Not only has he already dropped a visual for “Too Lit” from “OFAAFY”, visuals for “Adapt” will be dropping soon as well. So if you haven’t heard of Jimmyfromeastyork yet, stop sleeping and go catch a vibe.

All three bonus tracks are available for streaming on Jimmyfromeastyork’s Soundcloud below. 

Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.






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