LISTEN: J-Soul’s “Jane 2 Miami” EP

J-Soul’s video “Time”was the first visual he released online almost a year ago (and was written up on Omit Limitation by yours truly.) I remember seeing the video when it had not even a few hundred views; now it’s been watched 164,300 times. Eleven months later, J-Soul has blown up as a Toronto artist and continues to make big moves. He’s released several visuals for his singles, has been live on Beats1EBro (which has to make anyone from Toronto proud) and most recently, released his project “Jane 2 Miami”,

Photo Creds: @_mnsxn

“Jane 2 Miami” is a catchy six track EP, which speaks on growing up on Jane St. and being flown to Miami to get signed by Birdman of Cash Money Records, where most of J-Soul’s visuals are under now. Although the visuals for tracks such as “Ride for Me” and “Toronto Plaza Hotel” are darker and more serious, this project also reflects on his success, partying, girls. From being homeless to now getting money, “Jane 2 Miami” brings us through J-Soul’s roller coaster ride of accomplishments so far.

“Jane 2 Miami” is now available for streaming on Soundcloud, Spotify, AppleMusic and iTunes. 

Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.

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