LISTEN: Tika – “Carry ON” EP

Last week, we wrote about Tika’s single “Oh My God” in collaboration with Clairmont The Second & Harrison — now, we’re letting you know that Tika’s “Carry On” EP has been released in its entirety, and is just as glorious a listen as its lead single.

The EP continues with themes of spirituality and lightness, and as described by Tika, “serves as rehabilitation for all people ‘doing the work’ to achieve true healing.” Tika has spoken at length about her struggles with depression and this EP addresses those struggles in an honest and relatable way, which seeks to both uplift others and help them reflect on their struggles with similar clarity. Emotional catharsis and spiritual healing are the name of the game on this jazzy and soulful EP — take a listen yourself below.

TiK‘s “Carry On” EP is now available for streaming on Soundcloud below.

Catch TiK▲ performing live on Wednesday, November 2nd at The Drake Hotel in Toronto, and on her Canadian/European tour in early 2017.


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