[Watch] You’re Not My Mans – Drew Howard


A year after his Music To The Savage Youth EP collab with Birthday BoyDrew Howard just dropped the long-awaited visuals to everybody’s favourite catch-phrase, You’re Not My Mans. The video features shots down Toronto’s Chinatown in Kensington Market, and a lovely Pho date gone wrong.

Love the way the video flips the song into a female perspective through the actions of Drew’s lady friend, as we all of course thought the intention was a little more on the man-to-man or “masculine” side of things.  Guess he got a taste of his own medicine the hard way. “What a twist!

Also, it’s an interesting choice of location, especially to those familiar with the  Get Home Safe collective which once included 88 Camino himself, along with artists Derek Wise and Jazz Cartier. They were once featured in the video for King Of The Fall’ by The Weeknd, and threw some of the wildest parties and performances that side of the city has ever experienced—with the talent to match the vibes.

Check it out below!

Video directed by Tona. 


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