Blank Blockbusters Presents: Anime Month, November ’16

For the month of November, Blank Canvas Gallery is looking to showcase some classic anime films- not only to bring people together under one cozy roof, but also to help bring to light some of the films that helped vastly shape Western culture today. The month-long series, curated by Jessica Zepeda and John Samuels, kicked off its first installment last week with the showing of the 1988 classic AKIRA.

The next viewing, taking place on Nov. 16th, is going to feature the 1997 psyhological-thriller, Perfect Blue – which is said to have influenced films such as Black Swan and Requiem For a Dream.

There’s also been rumours of a highly popular Studio Ghibli film possibly being shown later this month – but we’ve yet to see what the next few weeks will truly hold. Regardless, come get cozy with us in the gallery and enjoy some good feature films!

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