[Video] Checkpoint Titanium – Harrison


Check out the brand new visuals to Scarborough producer Harrison’s album-titled cut ‘Checkpoint Titanium‘.

I love it when a video has a theme that isn’t directly related to the song. With ‘Checkpoint Titanium’ being an instrumental track, it leaves the director with an unlimited freedom of sorts (rather than being tied to a lyrical storyline.)

This time, director Justin Singer brings you through Detroit’s inner city, portraying the daily training regiment of boxer—boxers of various ages engage in shadowboxing, jogging, some bag work, weightlifting, and more.

It all stems from what seems to be a street fight scrap between two kids at the playground around 3PM—but further on into the video you learn that they simply grew up training in two different gyms, and came back to spar each other respectively. On a more intimate note, it’s a good example of how communities should come together, and trade knowledge instead of trading blows.

Check out Harrison’s debut LP “Checkpoint Titanium” here.


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