LISTEN: Sean Leon drops tracks for “LIFE WHEN YOU’RE THE MOVIE”



For those who may not know, Matthew Sean Leon—also known as Sean Leon—is a rapper and producer based in Toronto, and the founder of the IXXI Initiative. Anyone who has kept track with Sean’s music and have listened to his last projects, Ninelevenne theTradegy” followed by  “Narcissus, the Drowning of Ego” will know the anticipation the fans of his have for his new project that he has been campaigning since 2014; “Black Sheep Nirvana”.

Sean released 6 tracks this week, with a clip preview of a video he posted on his Instagram for an upcoming visual for LIFE WHEN YOU’RE THE MOVIE (2016-17). The tracks such as “DEEP END”, “MATTHEW IN THE MIDDLE”, and “KILL MY MIND” were already released but are also featured on the playlist for “LIFE WHEN YOU’RE THE MOVIE”.



Many might think this is a new mixtape from Sean Leon, but really it’s just the Part 1 of his trilogy “Black Seep Nirvana“—so get hype off of more from Sean, as he is constantly working on something. As much as people may be sleeping, no one is on his level and he is someone the city should be proud of. Not only is he an amazing rapper/producer and storyteller but also a father, which is reflected by the title of “Black Seep Nirvana“: named after his daughter Xylo, the “black sheep” represents his dark aggression while “nirvana” being his daughter , Xylo Hailey-Nirvana; a sweet little girl who has affected his art and touched his life in many ways.

Leon is an inspiration to many artists in the city to have a strong work ethic and to keep working on your craft; even if you have to isolate yourself to keep focus, it will be worth it to leave a legacy worth remembering. Much more is coming from Sean Leon, so in the meantime vibe and be prepared for what’s next—if it doesn’t make sense now, it all will soon enough in due time.

LIFE WHEN YOUR THE MOVIE (PREVIEWS) is now available for streaming on Soundcloud. 


Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.

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