WATCH: Donny Milwalkee & The Dirty B-Sides, presented by Omit Limitation

The rap game is a come-up that’s often misunderstood by outsiders as easy route to fame and lacking in musicality—those who love the art know it’s anything but. Donny Milwalkee is a man on mission who understands the hustle, and is doing the gritty work of building the Toronto’s hip-hop community from the ground up.  He’s worked with artists such as Shi Wisdom, Spek Won, Young Paris, and Adria Kain; and leads the BAR Institue hip-hop performance workshop series in Toronto which helps young artists learn about the art of recording and performing live music.

Check out the full interview below, and hear what he has to say on teaching aspiring artists about both the musical and management aspects of the music industry.


Special thanks to:

Donny Milwalkee of The Dirty B-Sides for taking the time to speak with us,
MÂY Toronto & 876 Studio for inviting us into their space,
Deji Ayoade of Omit Limitation for conducting this interview, and
Tricia Strachan of Omit Limitation for her videography and editing work.

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