LISTEN: Tasha the Amazon’s “Die Every Day” EP

Tasha the Amazon aka Lord of Scallywags aka The Patron Saint of Ruckus has just released her new EP “Die Everyday” produced by herself and Danthrax (Bass and Bakery). Her new project brings together dark, edgy sounds with bassier productions and her trademark fierce flow.

Picasso Leaning reached the top charts on Spotify, and “Who To Watch Out For” Canadian artists, but what she’s put out in the past was just a taste of what she has in store for this EP.

In her 8 track EP, it includes one of her older released tracks, “Nowhere” feat. RetcH, and newer released “Picasso Leaning” and “My Level” (which she also released visuals for) along with the newer unreleased tracks.

Tasha is the perfect artist to listen to when your feeling destructive yet hard working, rebellious, aggressive, intense in any way or just turning up partying with the homies being mischief. Unable to stop or listen to what others might say, she takes what she wants and her crew is climbing their way to the top.



Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.



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