Nostalgia As Truth Containers

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you aren’t afraid of the unknown. Trust me, it’s in this space of unfamiliarity, discomfort, and potential awkwardness that we find true resolve.

Lack of style—or rather taste—is a result of a lack of intentionality.

When I see a leather jacket, who comes to mind? Marlon Brando. The Wild One. Schott Perfecto 613. I’m not going to school you on design or hardware, but let me tell you that that jacket that’s slightly deconstructed, asymmetrically off, has reinforcements in obsolete places and is made of some shitty fake material indicates to me one thing—YOU DON’T FUCKING CARE.

Let me rephrase that. You don’t care about its history, or how it relates to you. You just “bought” into a culture that has a real historical lineage— bikers, greasers, artists, etc.— and now you’re rocking an iconic symbol that is of no relevance to who or where you are in your life. How fucking bizarre is that.

Think feather headdress sporting Coachella go’ers. Cultural appropriation at its finest. Disgusting. If you’re seeking to capitalize off of substance for your own personal entertainment and validation, you get exactly what you intended on getting. A look. And by gawd, once the funeral all-black-everything scene in Toronto fades out, and the mix match colour sportswear trends dies out, what and who are you left with? Riding the next trend, hoping to even catch a glimpse of yourself.

Get off the fucking treadmill and wake up. Look at the Chinatown style gods. 70-year-old men who’ve been fly. Who do you think Supreme, Kanye, and Raf Simons take their inspiration from? It ain’t fucking Instragram. It’s these badass motherfuckers who’ve been doing them.

If you wanna find truth, find feeling. If you wanna find feeling, go into something real. Particular to this example is nostalgia. Not some 90s memories you imagined because you want to be so badly born in the 90s.

So you’re a millennial? Do your research and pay your dues; don’t be trend whore, or at least be one consciously. At least then, you can laugh about it.

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