On Set of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You”: A Convergence of Creativity

Walking down the unilluminated path, I feel I have stepped foot in some abandoned part of LA. Cool kids spread themselves amidst this construction site, while condos present themselves in the distance.

Beers and wine in hand, the vibe is one of aimless loitering. Pastel blue gold rimmed glasses, unidentifiable white kicks, lazy formless silhouettes, tight fitted forms, sultry and flamboyant, poised and grounded; all invigorated with an air of playfulness.

“It smells like alcohol and feels like a party,” I remark. I’m on the set of Daniel Caesar’s private, yet public shoot.

Let’s rewind. How did I get here?

Friends that pursue life, who are eager to squeeze and taste every last drop of it’s nectar. I’m invited because of these people, who bring it all together on the edge of discovery.

Numero Uno: The Gatekeeper. I’m friends with the bouncer. With one safe and familiar look, he visibly brightens up. We create comfort in the midst of chaos via mutual respect for each other as individuals.

Numero Dos: The Videographer. Long story short, I befriended him in line at Apt 200 after having found out we were both on the same bus to New York—and that I sat beside “Trill Cleopatra” whom he found tantalizing. (Jaguar reflexes bro, sorry.)

Finally, Tres: Tastemakers, Influencers, and just straight up G’s. The most colourful, confident, and vibrant fish in the deep sea. In their presence, I’m consistently astounded by their keen senses and ability be in the right spaces.

Daniel is on stage, while Toronto band BadBadNotGood plays in front of me. The crowd encircles him, swaying and vibing out. Alcohol is provided on set. Numerous forms of technology capture his beingness on stage. The replaying of his voice on speakers is enough to sooth a baby back to it’s mother’s wombs.

The atmosphere is currently pulsing—an aliveness that is restrained, contained, and maintained. Power is in the unexpressed; the yin to the yang. Here, I was bathing in this convergence of effortlessly harnessed creativity.

The fact that we were in an antiques warehouse only made this consummation more poignant; Daniel’s performance possesses the certainty of a man thousands of years in his body. His fluid yet acute presence roars with the smoothness of cocoa bean freshly harvested, grounded, and mixed. Drip, drop: we are all enveloped in this climax of old and new.

Time to redefine. Time to emerge. Time to make new the old.


Watch Daniel Ceasar’s “Get You” video below now, and feel the vibe.

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