WATCH: Haviah Mighty’s “For Free” Off of Her Upcoming ‘Flower City’ EP

You might have seen Haviah Mighty in the first female TeamBackPack Cypher that was released months back, or the more recent track she did with her sisters, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, and Phoenix Pagliacci—known together as The Sorority—for the “Undun” video. Haviah Mighty is known for her intense energy and hard hitten flow; never a disappointment if you’re one for lyrical rap.

In “For Free”, you can catch Haviah Mighty down at the Habourfront in Toronto, on a boat sipping wine, with a guy buying her drinks, rapping about getting turnt and having a good time. It reflects on that and embracing the free drinks, smoking and just having fun with someone for the time being. She isn’t inlove with you, she doesn’t care, she’s just looking for a good night, and there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end she leaves the guy and he is stuck wondering why… but Haviah just wanted a good time, so don’t get it twisted.

If you like the vibe off of this track, stay tuned for Haviah Mighty’s upcoming “Flower City” EP, releasing February 2nd.

Watch “For Free” below and vibe. 


Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.


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