Matt Sean Leon aka Sean Leon aka Maui Slim just recently dropped a new track “FAV RAPPER/HUNDRED MILLION RELIGION”, produced by Bijan Amir—but this time it’s him taking shots at Jazz Cartier.

I’m not one to take sides (or even care to be honest), and I personally love both Sean Leon’s and Jazz Cartier’s music. But this time, I can honestly say that I don’t blame Sean for taking shots at Jazz, especially when he appears to be taking his ideas. Sean Leon had been planning on dropping a track called HUNDRED MILLION RELIGION/NEW MONEY, but then Jazz decided to drop a track called “New Religion”… coincidence, no?

Then Jazz drops “PREE” (which I wrote about before I knew about everything), clearly stating how he doesn’t focus on the hate: it was directed to those hating on him and wanting to be him… which now, seems most likely to be directed at Sean. Although he’s very subtle with how he responded to PREE and WASTE, Sean fires back on this track.

In the beginning, Sean puts an audio clip of Jazz Cartier stating, “Sean Leon is… is probably one of the stronger artists out of Toronto right now.” Then as the track goes in, Sean alludes to how Cartier daps him in public and shows love, but then hates afterwards: talking shit about Jazz’s label, and implying that if you’re riding his wave, he’s going to need a percentage.

Of course I’m not stating that I know everything (because of course I don’t) but regardless, Sean Leon went in on this track. Apparently when they did the track “Above the Rim” together, Sean didn’t like how it turned out—but if the last tracks put out by each artist are any indication, maybe their creative processes are benefiting from a little antagonism. Catch a vibe below, and decide what you think.

FAV RAPPER/HUNDRED MILLION RELIGION is now available for streaming below.


Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.



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