Watch Jimmyfromeastyork’s “Adapt”

If you’ve read my past posts on Jimmyfromeastyork’s new project One for All All for Yitty, you would know that Adapt is one of his best tracks on the EP. Of course, the whole project is in fact really well done and he spits consistently all the way through, but Adapt boldly sticks out to me.

Adapt is the first track on his EP and reflects on living on the East side of the city, and how he doesn’t have time for others who can’t adapt to change. It is one of his darker tracks, but matches with the visuals perfectly. Rhyming outside of a convenient store and inside a laundry mat, you can tell Jimmy lives to represent where he comes from, after all, his rap name is Jimmyfromeastyork.

Speaking on the streets of the city, being caution of the streets and you can catch him downtown, Jimmy mentions that schemes keep him at ease but he’ll get to it by any means, he is going to keep going no matter if those hate on him.


You can watch Adapt below and catch a vibe. 


Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.

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