Erik Flowchild Reflects on Black Masculinity in “Man Enough”

If you are someone who knows you were born to shine — a creative who is destined to do something greater — this video is for you and will definitely resonate with you.

The track may be called Man Enough and speaks out to a lot of men, but as a woman I relate to this video a lot because of how powerful it is. Erik Flowchild speaks on how he was born to shine and isn’t going to listen to the lies we’ve been told in society. He raps about mastering routes he’s been faced with, having the stamina to get through it, and evolving; never giving up.

He also mentions not being a slave to sex and having ladies open but they aren’t naked; meaning that he doesn’t open their legs but opens their minds if anything through his music. He touches base on beating the system as a young black man as well which many can relate to because sadly we still live in a day where people of colour do get treated poorly at times just because of their skin colour.

“We evolve, we adjust, in God we trust, by that way that’s probably us, but the world is a stage and the audience don’t want it obvious.”  – Erik Flowchild 

That line specifically resonates with me a lot because of my spiritual beliefs, and I believe that we ourselves as people are Gods in a sense and should believe in ourselves first and foremost, in order to live a great, successful and happy life; being fully in tuned with who we really are and meant to be.

Watch Man Enough below and vibe, reflect and feel. 


Words by: Daniela

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.

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