Watch “A Black Man’s Culture”, A Poetry Performance by Tobi Ogude

2016 was a really rough year for the members of our community. We have had to deal with the constant oppression from authority figures who were meant to preserve and facilitate the standard of living for all humans.

We have been attacked with constant videos of brothers and sisters losing their lives to murderers who wear badges given by the people and the state.

Over and over again, we’ve found our efforts to address this mass injustice unfruitful. For some reason, we have believed the lie that the best way to overcome these pressing issues is to remain versatile to the concrete floors we’ve been breaking our skulls on. Because we’ve believed these lies, we have forgotten the richness and diversity hidden in the Black community.

There is a culture that is bigger than just being black. Each of us in our community belong to a series of ancestral descent that establishes us within the foundation of our origins.

Though we are losing our minds with the constant police brutality, we must learn to take a moment and really understand the power of our art, our voices, and our origins. This is the only way to protect not just our brothers and sisters, but also our joy, mental stability, physical health and culture.

We must not allow them to win. We must seek God, the Owner of justice, to help us fight back the powers that come to steal, kill and destroy our communities. We must join God in the art of creation. We must use our art, our voices, our culture and our platforms to re-build ourselves.

My name is Tobi Ogude, and I want you to #HaveOgude.


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