The Alley Experience at Gladstone Hotel

Tremayne (Photography by: Brianna Roye)

After being sidelined for almost  two years, the locally acclaimed Alley Music Showcase was resurrected in efforts to raise funds to reinstall Omit Limitation’s home Blank Canvas Gallery at The Gladstone Hotel.

Dead Poet Jessica Z (Photography by: Brianna Roye)

On score with the tradition to bring an array of quality artists, beats, and styles the Blank community rejoiced this past weekend with art, music and spoken word. With music performances raging downstairs and a special Dead Poet unfolding upstairs, the atmosphere was electric. Surrounding the guests were the captivating works of Oluseye and the powerful Ferguson to Toronto exhibit.

Hosted by Just John the stacked line up included some of Toronto’s most seasoned artists like Drew Howard, TIKA, M.I.BLUE, McCallaman, Haviah Mighty, Vee, Anzola, Clarke Maple, Mez Mariye, Loony, Tremayne and many more who shared their truths on the stage.

Anzola (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
Drew Howard (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
(Photography by: Brianna Roye)

The Alley was an example of resilience and beauty of a community. The event helped bring creatives from all walks of life together in one space for one cause and it’s evident how much of an impact the Blank Canvas initiative has had on the community and why it’s important that it continue.

M.I.BLUE (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
Left – Abscvnd Centre – Kaveh Right – Eartha MK (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
Haviah Mighty (Photography by: Brianna Roye)

Currently Omit Limitation is preparing to transform our new home located at 890 St. Clair Ave. W. into a gallery, photo studio and creative workspace for artists and the community to have access to.

Fundraising is planned to help cover renovations, interior décor, safety regulations, licensing and programming.

Creatives of Toronto caught some footage of the evening. See the reel below and what photographer Soteeoh had to say about Blank Canvas and his experiences.

VEE (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
TIKA (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
WAVGODS (Photography by: Brianna Roye)

There’s a couple days left until Blank Canvas Indiegogo campaign is over. Find out how you can get involved here.


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