Indiegogo Supporters Get the First Look at the New Blank Canvas

Live body painting by Dajenesis, Modelling by Cynn (Photography by: Brianna Roye)

After raising over 15,000 dollars to reinstall Blank Canvas Gallery the giving back was in full effect. Contributors to the campaign got a first look of the new 1,200 Sq Ft. art space at a private pre-launch filled with an elaborate program of live body painting, film and live music performances.

Maccie (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
M.I.BLUE & Bay Richards (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
(Photography by: Brianna Roye)

Captivating performances by Bay Richards, Loony and Maccie Pacquette left the audience wanting more, good that we had our friends at Moore Kombucha  to quench our thirst with premium, hand crafted Kombucha cocktails all night.

Moore Kombucha (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
Blank Canvas Merchandise (Photography by: Brianna Roye)
Just John (Photography by: Brianna Roye)

By the rear of the gallery there was an installation that included the original Blank Canvas Gallery door, graffiti walls and  original sandwich board that Omit Limitation brought along with us. It was set up as a homage to the Ol’ Blank Canvas and it served as a  message that we should never forget the memories, the good vibes and safe space that this community has been built upon. It’s a new chapter now, a bigger one and we’re ready to make some serious change.

DJ Abscvnd (Photography by: Brianna Roye)

Adversity has an unique way of showing you new opportunities and the blessings in disguise. Through out the evening everyone at Omit Limitation shared our love and appreciation to those in attendance and anyone who continues to stand in solidarity with our collective and Blank Canvas gallery. Thank you for your resilience thank you for never making us think for a second we were alone through these past couple of months. If it wasn’t for everyone who supported our campaign our new space wouldn’t have been possible and we’re dedicated to making sure this new space continues to serve our community in bigger ways.

(Photography by: Brianna Roye)

Blank Canvas Gallery is slated to officially open March 23rd at 890 St. Clair Ave. West.

Words by: John Samuels
Photos by: Brianna Roye



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