Bouncing Back with Blank: A New Beginning


A new year. A new you. A new us.

These are the promises we kept at the first official event at our new home on St Clair West. This past Thursday, Blank Canvas 2.0 got a glimpse of its bright new future as bodies quickly filled the foreign space.

We are humble in our retrospect.

In 2016, Blank Canvas stood tall, but now, with new knowledge and a heightened understanding that comes only with experience, we will stand taller, with a solid foundation.

We are young and willing to learn.


Before the fruition of a physical space, John Samuels began his vision through the art collective, OMIT LIMITATION. This title became our mantra as we fought against our own limitations, internal and external. And with the help of a passionate and involved community of creatives, we now have a fresh Blank Canvas.


We made a resolution going into 2017 that we would learn from our experiences with Blank 1.0 and come back bigger and better, using the resistance we’ve faced to fuel our journey, and the experience we’ve gained to make that journey smoother.

“Last night took an L,

But tonight I bounce back”

                                                        -Big Sean

A better year, a better you, a better us.


Dead Poet; Open mic night. I couldn’t imagine a better event to launch our new space with. After twelve official events, Deadpo has come into its own as a safe space, and an open and accepting platform for self-expression — making it the perfect house warming for our new space.


I’ve worked the door at these events in the past and despite the 8:00pm event start time, Toronto likes to play it cool and trickle in a touch later. So, I was not prepared when I arrived to my post at 7:58pm to find a healthy group of cold but eager people, already waiting to be let in. The tone was set for the evening, and a steady buzz of excitement began to fill the large color-shifting room. The hum of humans grew louder quickly, as our DJ @abscvnd lay down the mood. I watched from the door, limbs illuminating sporadically as the projector reached out to touch more than just the wall it was meant to.


Bigger is not always better, but if there’s one thing our animated community needed, it was more space to express itself. The lack of artwork on the walls was not apparent that night, as the poetry, music and earnest thoughts of performers enamoured the empty space around us. When the DJ started his end-of-the-night set, the dance floor came to life in a way we haven’t been able to see at Blank Canvas before.


Bigger might not always be better, but it is when you have such an expansive community of movers and shakers by your side.


This is the new Blank Canvas,
and this was our first brushstroke.

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