Jordan Sook Celebrates Blank Canvas’ First Anniversary With “New Kid On The Block”


On April 21st, Blank Canvas Gallery hosted newly emerging pop artist Jordan Sook to ring in the Blank Canvas’ one year anniversary. Based on the cartoon character Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, New Kid on the Block is an exhibit that aims to illustrate our nostalgia through various paintings, sculptures and murals across the gallery walls. Through his style and intent, Sook paints Charlie Brown from his classic origins hitting on relevant issues that many youth face today: tuition costs, self discovery, and mental health (paying a special homage to Sally’s innocent psychiatric help booth.)


One special piece of art included a mural that Sook painted on Blank Canvas’ walls as a special edition piece, which would be painted over after the exhibition ended:


Looking around the gallery, I saw a room full of people embodying Charlie Brown. As we stood next to one another enjoying the art, I could feel the connection with each person; identifying or reminiscing about their own childhood, and how the Peanuts gang effected their youth. It was a beautiful experience to be able to relate with so many people in such a natural, unspoken way — similar to when you see somebody on the street and nod without further exchange. We were all experiencing this art together, and the nostalgic atmosphere lent itself to that. Overall, show’s was greatest success was the visceral experience created by newcomer Jordan Sook, whose work brings the classic style of Charlie Brown into 2017—and in doing so, allows us the opportunity to connect and reflect upon the issues of the present day through one of our childhood heros.


Keep a look out for Jordan Sook’s upcoming showcases around Toronto, and follow his work on Instagram (@JordanSook).

“New Kid on the Block” ran from April 21st-30th at Blank Canvas Gallery (890 St Clair Ave W.)

Words by Brittany Hendry (@realbrittch)

Photographs by Brianna Roye (@briannablank)

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