In Conversation: Unpacking Violence – August 19th

12pm – 4pm

Dope Collective (Buffalo) will be expanding the definiton of violence as a whole by exploring its different forms and their responses to it at Blank Canvas Gallery 890 St. Clair Ave W.

The conversation will help breakdown distinctions between community violence and systemic violence, nonviolent resistance and violent resistance, types of movement building for black and brown liberation.

Our workshop will discuss black and brown liberation in Buffalo, NY; Toronto, ON; nationally in the US, and historically to develop inclusive acts of resistance for ALL black and brown peoples. We will also unpack violence as a whole,

Topics include:

– Gender violence
– Violence spectrum and non-physical violence
– Cognitive dissonance and media
– Colonialism and decolonization
– Police and “rioting”
– Compare and contrast systemic violence in Buffalo and Toronto

Join us as we unpack violence.
Saturday August 19
12pm – 4pm

*Warning topics may be triggering.

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