Why Should You Sell Gently Used Clothing?

The clothing industry, as encompassing as it is—production, textiles, high and low fashion—isn’t as transparent as one would imagine. In fact, it revolves around its consistent turnover, appropriation (sometimes outright plagiarism), and often ill-effects on the environment that aren’t advertised. But in actuality, who does this affect? Certainly not a Western population whose only concern […]

On Set of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You”: A Convergence of Creativity

Walking down the unilluminated path, I feel I have stepped foot in some abandoned part of LA. Cool kids spread themselves amidst this construction site, while condos present themselves in the distance. Beers and wine in hand, the vibe is one of aimless loitering. Pastel blue gold rimmed glasses, unidentifiable white kicks, lazy formless silhouettes, […]