Blank Canvas Presents: EKE Solo Exhibit – Sept. 16 – 20

Alexis Eke is a 19 year old illustrator based in the city of Toronto – expressing the culture and Afrocentrism with a hint of Japanese through her illustrations that she shares on her Instagram page; @alexis.eke . From illustrating muses such as Indya Marie – model, designer and writer to creating album covers such as […]

Status; Quotables – A Kleeshay Solo Exhibition (Recap)

Kleeshay, a Toronto pop artist just had an art exhibition at the gallery this past Saturday August 12th – STATUS; QUO•TABLES which was a collection of 40+ word paintings giving viewers a glimpse inside of Kleeshay’s mind. From words written by Kleeshay in journals, phone notes, tweets, poems and more – the artist mixes influences by […]

In Conversation: Unpacking Violence – August 19th

FREE REGISTRATION 12pm – 4pm Dope Collective (Buffalo) will be expanding the definiton of violence as a whole by exploring its different forms and their responses to it at Blank Canvas Gallery 890 St. Clair Ave W. The conversation will help breakdown distinctions between community violence and systemic violence, nonviolent resistance and violent resistance, types […]