OL has collaborated with IIINVTS to put on two even more underground and low key shows than Omit Limitation’s trademark The Alley. Welcome “IIIn” [Inner City Kids].

IIIN requires an all black dress code and features live music, art, poetry and dance to create a conversation with the (iii)nnovative through unique performances.

Previous performers include Just JohnDir. TSeth DyerBritta B (Poet)PheonaLibsyd ReadHerbalist JacksonElceePatrick Walters (Poet), Big LU, Johnny Darko, Jaicyea (Belly Dancer), Lancelot BucknorMasta Myst, DJ Sun Sun, Erik Flowchild, Child of Exhile, Christelle Meth, Bizzy Boom, Ruthless, Bamboo and Scribe.

Live art was also provided by The Eskape Reality Collective, Tim Skynz, Genesis & King Comix.

Just John’s streetstyle clothing line NUISANCE also released the first t-shirt from their collection, the “Prey” T, at IIIN.10245431_10203821589952951_1428050507008551824_n

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