“Black Fatigue”, A Spoken Word Performance by Yemisi

This Black History Month, Omit Limitation presents “Black Fatigue”, a spoken word performance by Yemisi. Inspired by Superfi$cal’s “Black Man”, Yemisi candidly speaks to her experience of the black identity. Many thanks to: Yemisi for her performance,  Suprfi$cal for his beautiful and haunting work, “Black Man, 2015” Tricia Strachan for her editing & videography work, […]

Portraits of Toronto (Vol. 5)

Going out in Toronto means that you start seeing the same faces. It’s an intriguing phenomenon, nothing new in the likes of a metropolis like ours, only exacerbated by community (*cough* clique) building platforms like Instagram. It starts with seeing the name of that cool DJ on an online poster, or maybe a collective that’s known to throw a good jam, and like […]