Jazz Cartier Returns With Haunting Track “PREE”

Jazz Cartier aka The Prince of Toronto makes a comeback—this time, with something a little different—and as usual, he pulls it off. Cartier sticks with his signature dark, cinematic sound but instead chooses to veer away from his usual fast and frenetic pace, rapping over chiller, slowed down instrumentals—courtesy of his producer Lantz, of course. The two pull off the new […]

OL Sound Selections: Songs To Procrastinate To

Mid-terms have either started (or they’re right around the corner) and here you are on some dope ass blog, using your time way more effectively than studying. Don’t worry, we got you. Allow us to help you escape the everlasting grind that is mainstream education by letting you bask in the bitter-sweetness that is procrastination, if for […]