[UNFOLD] – a photography art show exhibiting 15 Toronto artists, embodying the theme of ‘vulnerability’ and curated by Sarah Alhage.

Read our featured interviews with the artists.

The show went down on June 20th, 2015 at Jimmy Chiale’s 416 Gallery.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support Toronto talent.

Check out our mind blowing featured artists and follow them on Instagram:
SoTeeOh @soteeoh
maya fuhr photography. @mayafuhr
Milos Paprica @madvillan
Brodie Vissers @brodievissers
Nick WONS @nwons
Becca Lemire @beccalemire
Shotby Cris @shotbycris
Glenn Pritchard @hellogman
Vonny Lorde @lorde.v
Will Gaydos @ragewilliams
Claire Lee @clairelikesfood
Nina Escalante @ninaesca
Brianna Roye @briannablank
SIGMA FOXX @sigmafoxx
Andrew Davy @adavyraw

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